how should i cutn my hair and would this look good on me pictures included??

curlygrl6660curlygrl6660 Posts: 12Registered Users
i was wondering if i could do straight across bangs or not cuz theres this one girl at my school with curlyish hair and she has straight across bangs, what haircut would look good on me i want it no shorter then my chest and i also like taylor siwft hairstyle would that work omn me i would get chin length layers at the shortest for me or else they go straight or wavy so ya and in september im starting juniour high

heres a link to pictures of me:[email protected]/sets/72157605656108519/

the one with me in the blue t-shirt is of me really recently like a week ago and as you can see my hair will do different curls alot like on time it will be really curly and others wavy or just curly lol thanks for the help bye

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