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Hi :wave:, Well I am new to having my hair natural and I recently did my big chop just a few days ago and I have to say that I love it :wink:!!! Only problem is ;that I find my hair to be really dry I dont know if I'm not using the right products or what! I think my hair type is a mixed of 4A and 4B I dont really know, so If you guys had any suggestions on products I shoud try, I would sure apperciate it. Thanx :)


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    Welcome and congratulations on your big chop! If you were using products with silicones, maybe a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep treat. Condition as much as you can and leave some in. Deep condition too. It's amazing to me how much moisture curly/coily/kinky hair needs.

    Castor oil and aloe vera gel are good
    Flaxseed gel
    butter products (on wet and dry hair)
    A good moisturizing co-wash Generic Matrix Conditoning balm (at Sally's)
    Good deep treatment (and dry hair moisturizer): Jessicurl Weekly Deep treatment. Just use a dollop on dry hair.
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    Thanx sooo much!!! I will definitely try that. You are such a lifesaver and thanx for the support also! I luv being nappy, happy and free. :happy7: