Thinking of going CG/getting a haircut

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I've been looking at all of the before/after shots of all you gals on the CG routine and your hair is gorgeous, I hate my curls right now but if they were more tame and shiny like that I'd love it.

I was wondering if the TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock! products were CG-friendly?

Also, my aunt is taking me to get my hair cut at a salon next week, does anyone have any advice on a haircut? When I went to have my hair done for prom, the stylist seemed to have no idea what to do with curly hair, and washed my hair and cut it while it was wet (she ended up probably cutting 5 inches off because of this). She also cut really without asking me first, saying she was just cutting off my split ends (thanks to my flat iron).

Would bangs be a suitable look? Or a shorter cut?

These photos aren't the best of my hair, I had just colored it and I used the conditioners that came in the box rather than my usual. Also, I have no product in my hair.

It's very obvious I'm not CG, I usually straighten my hair everyday and it's fried my curls. I took these about five minutes ago.



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    Wow, if I was you I wouldn't get my hair cut at all - it looks gorgeous now!

    Anyway, if you're going to try CG I'd say to keep your length the same for now. Some people get some crazy shrinkage from their curl pattern tightening, so it might be safer to see how CG affects your hair first. I can't help you much with bangs, seeing as I've never had them myself and haven't a clue what it takes to maintain them, but I'd be wary of getting them from a hairdresser who doesn't know much about curly hair. Would they take shrinkage into account, or would you wind up with bangs than look about 3 cm long?

    As for Tigi Curls Rock - they're not CG. At least, not the products that I've just looked up: the conditioner has dimethicone in it. The curl amplifier has cyclomethicone in it aaand...I can't find the ingredients for the leave in.

    Good luck with both the haircut and going CG. This list might help you if you want to look up any other products:

    And the shampooless board is really helpful, too :)
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    Is there any cheap shampoos I can get away with using (suave, anything)?

    The problem with my hair is that the layers in are are messed up, and I have a lot of volume on my sides rather than the back of my head, it's kind of odd.

    I guess I'd probably get my layers fixed maybe, and my split ends trimmed.

    I bought basically the whole TIGI line as a birthday present for myself at the recommendation of one of the curly haired gals at the salon. But I already don't shampoo, so I guess I just need to find a really good conditioner and gel.

    I'm visiting my family up in Milwaukee and my Aunt insists that I go with her and her daughter to get their hair cut and to lunch, so I have no clue what kind of salon I'd be going to, and I guess depending on their experience with cutting curly hair depends on how much I'll allow them to do.
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    If you are going to cut it make sure they cut long layers and know how to cut curls to make them style appropriately. I have had my hair cut many lengths and every time I know when someone cut the curls the right way and when they didn't pay attention to the curls and just cut them how they do straight hair-there's a difference and it's hard to find a stylist who can do it right. Seriously though your hair looks good so I wouldn't cut it. I am trying again to grow my hair to at least shoulder length- I just don't like my curls short.

    Good luck!
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    hey sorry if i sound like a total noob (still kinda new to this site) but wat is CG

    and how can i find the posts that i have already posted:sad8:
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    nicolee wrote: »
    hey sorry if i sound like a total noob (still kinda new to this site) but wat is CG

    and how can i find the posts that i have already posted:sad8:

    CG = Curly Girl routine

    Click on "User CP" in the orange bar toward the top of the page. It's pretty simple. (I cut my own hair)
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    Wickette, you're adorable and your hair is very pretty. It's possible to get a good wet haircut. Stylist has to be careful not to pull on your hair too much--that's what causes them to take off too much. I'd be hesitant to get bangs, other than side swept. Very hard to do curly bangs. Look on the website for hair that you like and print pictures to take with you. Try to talk to the stylist about what you want before they cut--that's why pictures would be good.

    Good luck!
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    nicolee wrote: »
    hey sorry if i sound like a total noob (still kinda new to this site) but wat is CG

    and how can i find the posts that i have already posted:sad8:

    CG is the "curly girl" idea based on a book that details the 'proper' way to care for curls. This entails no shampoo with sulfates and products without silicones, you can find more information on this in the "Going Shampoo-less thread". The first post on that thread goes into greater detail.

    You can find posts that you've already posted by clicking the Search button on the right side of the orange bar. You click advanced search and then type your user name on the right side where is says "search by user name".
    Good luck
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    wow your first picture freaked me out! it looked like me!
    (check my fotki if you don't believe me!)
    i am cg and love it! you should definetly try it out!
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