Newbie in the UK

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Another newbie from Scotland here :iconbiggrin:

Bought the CG book last week and have been without 'poo since monday. Going to try to wash my scalp once a week the CG way (conditioner on length first).

Am wavy/curly so not brave enough to go no-poo in case it all ends up a bit stringy.

Have always had a straighter 'canopy' and assumed this was natural, but maybe it's dried out? I'd love it to be as curly as the rest (big loose curls) so am keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope you wont mind answering all my daft newbie questions :toothy5:
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    Hi Fluffles - I love your username!!

    Welcome to the boards.

    How's it going without 'poo? I'm going to try modieifed CG after next weekend. Got a wedding to attend next Saturday and don't want to try before then in case it all goes wrong!

    Kerry xx
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    Welcome to the community!
    You'll find the boards to be helpful, and the home page is a good place to start to orient yourself with the site.
    Have fun!