chunky streaks?

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So I'm the kind of girl that loves to change up my look every so often (since I can't do much with the curls, it's usually the color.) I have naturally dirty blonde hair and right now I have lighter blonde highlights throughout. I like the blonde, but I was thinking about maybe getting a few chunky dark reddish-brown streaks on the underside of my hair (I've always loved red hair, but I don't think I could pull off a whole head of it!) I want them to be edgy, but subtle enough that you only see them when my hair is in front of my shoulders or up in a ponytail! I was wondering if there's a certain technique to chunky streaks of color on curly hair (like should the stylist do it curl by curl or what?) and if anyone had done this or had pictures of it.

Here's my pic (sorry about the myspace-iness!)


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    You could possibly do it yourself, but a little help from a friend may make it easier if you want the color in the back. I throw my hair up in a high ponytail with only the top half of my hair in then I use a paint brush and just "paint" the color on selected strands on the bottom half that is hanging down. It is easy to do by yourself if you are just doing the front or sides but doing the back has been difficult for me. I have used a highlighting cap (you can buy these at Sally's) before too.

    One time I wanted more burgundy lowlights in my hair and had my boyfriend do the back for me. I don't think he understood my directions because I ended up with big burgundy stripes! :evil: So just make sure your buddy understands to paint selected strands! I hear ya on wanting to change things up. I have gone through every red shade in the spectrum. I think it is fun. With your beautiful blonde locks you may want to start off with a strawberry blonde. If that isn't dark enough for you then you could move on to something else. Hope that helps.
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  • k33rstynk33rstyn Registered Users Posts: 59
    Thank you soooo much!

    Yeah I'm going for dramatic... just a few (I'm thinking 3) chunky streaks. So I think i'll go for like an auburn color.

    Thanks again!
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    while i am an avid believer that "red hair doesn't come in a bottle", from that picture, i'd say you could easily pull off a lighter red- not a fire-engine or cherry, dear god, but i think a natural red shade would work well on you. judging by your expression, you certainly seem to have the prerequisite attitude XD
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    You may want to use a semi-permanent color. It will wash out in about 6-8 weeks and you won't have to worry 1) Keeping a color if you end up not liking it anymore 2) roots 3) less damange, breakage, or drying out.
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    My natural color is a dirty blonde, and I've been going red for about 15 years, so it could be feasible. There are good belivable reds out there nowadays.

    But, back to the chunks. A pro or an experienced friend should be able to do this. Speckla's idea about a semi is a good one if you'd like to test out a less permanent option before committing to something more permanent.

    BTW, you have very pretty curls. Your hair reminds me of a curlier Taylor Swift.
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  • k33rstynk33rstyn Registered Users Posts: 59
    Thanks for all the advice! You guys are great. I think I'll try semi-permanent. One of my good friends just graduated beauty school so maybe she'll do it for me.

    Thanks for the compliment. It's amazing how many people have told me I look like Taylor Swift since she became popular. But I look nothing like her... just my hair! :)

    Thanks again!
  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Registered Users Posts: 17,502 Curl Neophyte
    Oh, I agree, your facial features are different, but the hair similarites did catch my eye.
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    Oh, I agree, your facial features are different, but the hair similarites did catch my eye.

    I thought so too....but she's also just as pretty as TS
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    Ok, I do the opposite, but I need to share one piece of very important info!!! (My hair is brown and I put in very light blonde steaks in my hair. On my own, but I am an artist also, so be sure to be careful!)

    Make sure your dye is not to runny and sticks to the strands. Maybe wrap them with saran wrap to keep them from contaminating the surrounding area. Roll up the wrapped area and clip to your roots. Repeat where desired. If the mix is to runny, you will get a big stripe across your part. I did this one, and looked like a skunk!

    Good luck!
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    Just keep in mind that even with a demi color, if you are blonde (especially the bleached parts) the color will fade but not wash out totally.

    Later if you try to lift out the red you have to do some heavy duty bleaching to keep it from being brassy, or else it will always have at the very least golden tones to those formerly red parts (which if you keep your hair in the ash range could look funny).
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