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OK Im new on this site. But I learned so much. Well Last spring I got a hair cut and I asked for bangs and layers in the front because I straighten my hair alot. and i thought it would be cute. well it was a disaster, my bangs were really short and the lady just cut my hair all wrong. So now i have very bad split ends and different layes in my hair. My sister trims my hair every other month but split ends just keep coming back. I wash my hair with shampoo and then put in conditioner and leave it in there. But when i get out the shower It will dry and get curly a little and frizzy. And the bangs are no help. Im about to get another hair cut because i need to get all the split ends out but i need help on how to cut it?? And What products to use. i use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, garnier fructis sleek and shine and La bella gel??


  • _obsessed__obsessed_ Posts: 16Registered Users
    layered with side bangs
    and take however many inches off just to get the split ends out. I would recommend bringing in pictures with the cut you want and showing them to your hair stylist.
    3a Chin length layered and side bangs
  • k33rstynk33rstyn Posts: 59Registered Users
    yep. long face framing layers.

    and stop shampooing//combing//towel drying your hair!

    it makes a world of difference! (:

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