going from staight to curly after 40 years... need advice

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Hi I am trying to go curly and have been attempting for the past month. I have hair type 2a... any product suggestions for wavy hair want it more curly.
Thanks, Annie


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    You sound like me. I too just discovered my curls after more than forty years or thinking my hair was just unruly.

    This link is a good place to start,
    and the stickies in this section of the forum are very informative.

    I'm having good luck with some of the basic favorites: a Suave conditioner for co-washing, a non-sulphate shampoo occasionally, a couple of Aubrey conditioners and a gel with a lot of hold for styling. Everyone is different though - I have baby fine 2A/B hair. It's best to look for others with your hair type and do what they do.

    Bear in mind that it can take some time for your curl formations to take hold. And experimenting with different products is key.

    So - welcome! There is a huge amount of information and help available on these boards and elsewhere on the site.

    Good luck!
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    welcome to the community!
    as you can see, the boards are a helpful source of information. have fun!