Recipes, anyone? how about some products I should try? >:D

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Hello! I'm new, and I'm about 3a to 3c.. with alittle wavy hair in the back.
.. I really need some advice; I'm just offically gone curly girl
When I used to straighten my hair, I promised myself that when my flat iorn broke, I wouldn't straighten my hair anymore.
well, It broke... so I've been curly since This last April/May .
I've been following the curly hair guidelines, and don't shampoo anymore... and just deep condition my hair every week, at least twice.

yet, I know it's not enough. I've made my own products, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

so, I'd just like to hear and try some of other's recipes to get a feel on what I should improve on...

and are there any products I should try? I heard deva curl is excelent for my hair type...

I accidentally got sunsilk for my first product. big mistake XD


  • dancerxotdancerxot Posts: 140Registered Users
    well i personally love suave and V05 cheapie conditioners. they "cleanse" my hair daily while leaving it very moisturized. instead of using a real leave-in conditioner, i just...leave in conditioner. it makes my hair super soft.
    if i want to refresh my hair or add moisture, i put some conditioner, water, and olive oil in a spray bottle, shake, and spray. it makes my curls wake up and doesn't weigh them down. plus its basically free.
    leaving conditioner in my hair has a lot to do with my great definition, but i also use fantasia IC gel with sparklites. warning: it might be a bit heavy for your hair-type :dontknow:
    also! a great trick for supple, shiny hair...put some honey in with your conditioner. it makes my hair smell awesome, and leaves it shiny and soft.
    just some suggestions...hope i helped!

    hair type: 3c/4a, naturally super soft, and really prone to frizz.

    :love7:i heart naturally curly hair!
  • lehcarbylehcarby Posts: 13Registered Users
    dancerxot wrote: »
    well i personally love suave and V05 cheapie conditioners. they "cleanse" my hair daily while leaving it very moisturized.

    agreed! V05 is great and it's 99 cents or something like that at the drugstore, so i always buy more than one. :)

    as for make-your-own products, flaxseed gel is pretty good. i cannot for the life of me find the thread all about the main recipe but there is one further down in this one:

    aloe vera gel (the pure stuff, not with the alcohol) has done wonders for my hair's texture, and shea butter, which i put on my ends only to keep them soft

    deva curl is supposed to be really good. i've always wanted to try it but since V05 is so cheap, i just stick with that
    cg since 7/17/08 :wink:

    currently still somewhat in transition...

    in love with:
    vo5 vanilla mint tea
    suave naturals lavender
    la bella lots of curls
    shea butter
    herbal essences set me up

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