Cones and Lotions: If cones are bad for hair...

orangecurlsorangecurls Posts: 4Registered Users
are they also bad for skin? I have noticed that several of my favorite lotions have Dimethicone in it. (Aveeno for example) Will this clog pores or coat the skin?

What do you guys think?


  • ~915~~915~ Posts: 519Registered Users
    It's a personal preference. Cones can act like petrolatum and leave a film over your skin. That film prevents moisture from escaping, so it can be good for people with very dry skin.

    Personally, I do wear cones during the day (in my SPF tinted moisturizer), but I sleep without cones on my face to give the skin a chance to breathe and release toxins.
  • tgreyztgreyz Posts: 1,627Registered Users
    If your skin is oily or acne prone I would stay away from cones. They block pores making them easier to clog.
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