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Well, I guess I am really a born again virgin since I haven't colored my hair since the '80s :laughing7:. Back then I put a burgundy color onto my very dark brown hair. I tried doing a home color, but couldn't see diddly squat with the dark color & the curls. Tried professional and you could see it more, but just barely.

Well, now I'm older and I've got some grays sprouting. UGH. There aren't lots, but they are very eye catching because they are so light and the rest of my hair is so dark.

What can you tell me about coloring hair that will help me decide what is my best plan of action? I wouldn't mind going lighter with my hair, but I don't want to have to pay to keep it up when my hair grows out. What's the deal with henna? Is it too much for the covering of some grays?

Your suggestions?
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    I use Color by Robert Craig to blend my grays. It is gentle and easy to use. :) It won't lift color, so you can't go lighter. In fact, it's best to choose a color about 2-3 shades lighter anyway, so it doesn't get too dark.
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    I have very dark brown hair also, and the grays show up like neon lights. Currently, I use henna, which gives me nice red highlights on the grays and a reddish sheen on the rest of my hair (visible mostly in sunlight, not in lowlight conditions). I use a touch of indigo with my henna to tone down the orange-red of henna to a more brownish cherry red. I love henna, because it's non-damaging. I swim regularly, so I can't use any peroxide, like what comes in commercial box hairdyes (peroxide plus chlorine pool water is an ugly combination).

    Robert Craig works OK also, and is also non-damaging because it doesn't contain peroxide. I found it didn't cover my grays well enough after they started coming in more though. Plus, Robert Craig made my hair much darker over time than I wanted it to be...almost black (and I used lighter shades). It seemed to build up, but the length faded over time and allowed the grays to show through, so I had to color the length quite frequently, which is what made my hair too dark. Henna doesn't do that to never fades and I only do root-touchups now, and henna the length once a year-ish.

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