Trying At-home Pintura Highlights

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Has anyone tried this? I kind of want to make my hair look a little more multi-dimensional. I've done home permanent color twice before and both times it worked very well for me and didn't seem to harm my hair. I wouldn't use bleach, just regular permanent dye a shade or two lighter than my hair.

I was thinking that I'd try to do a pintura-like look, but I don't know how to do it. I don't think I could mess it up very badly if the color is close to my own, and I could always dye over it. I'm just looking for a little instruction. Can anyone give me guidance?
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    I have tried it, I'm currently sporting growing-out pintura highlights. It was a bit hard to do, without getting it all over the rest of the hair. Some strands came out thicker, some thinner. It doesn't really look that great, it looked much better when I did the cap method. But I bleach and then tone them, I can't just use a haircolor to lift the color since I use haircolor all over to cover gray. (color won't lift color)

    I think there are a few others who have done it. Try a search on pintura.
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