No More Suave Mouse Please! What Should I Do?

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Hi everyone! I'm VERY new here! I have 3b hair. Between shoulder and bsl. Its very heavy and very thick. I can use up to half a full size bottle of suave mouse 8 when i do my hair! If i miss one little piece it turns into this gigantic monster fur ball! What could i put in it that i wouldnt need to use that much of? For the past week I've been "no pooing" and condition. I put leave in condition in after. oh and ive been finger combing. Can i put loads of conditioner in it and sleep on it? My husband is deployed... I want it to be beautiful when he gets home! Thanks! Jen:iroc::flower:

Biotera Styling gel (firm hold)
Biotera Curl creme
Sauve Naturals coconut conditioner as Co-wash and leave in.

After all this I get about 3 or 4 days of good "wearable" hair.



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    Welcome jenbuggy! I like mousse as well, but find that as my hair gets longer, that most mousses poop out on me and just don't have the hold I need for the most part (especially in humidity). I remember Paul Mitchell Sculpting Mousse used to be my fave when my hair was short. I still like it, but I have to mix it w/ other products to get the same kind of hold and definition I want. Some harder holding mousses are Garnier Fructis Curl Construct and Joico Joiwhip. I haven't tried the latter, but a lot of curlies like it and it is available in a big can.

    You may want to try a curl creme and a strong holding gel like Biosilk Rock Hard Gellee (BRHG) or I like Got2B Spiked too. I usually use a curl creme or a leave-in conditioner under hard holding gels to elimate the stringy crunchy look, and it in turn makes it easier to "scrunch out the crunch." Another option may be to mix your fave mousse w/ a little gel.

    When using the gels I mentioned, you don't need to use near as much as with mousse. Just make sure you are applying products to soaking wet hair to help them apply evenly and you will also have more curl clumping and less crunch.

    As far as keeping conditioner in overnight, sure you can! Just cover your hair or pillow with something, so it is penetrating your hair and not getting all over. Personally, I like to apply conditioner or cremes mixed w/ a little oil before bedtime (onto dry hair) and then I low-poo or co-wash it out the next day. Coconut oil has done wonders for my hair!

    I hope that helps you a little!
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    Refresh w/: LUSH R&B
    DT: Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-in-1 masque, Giovanni Nutrafix reconstuctor, jojoba & argan oils

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