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What can I do to make my hair wavy. I am like a 3b type but I feel like for school it would be easier if my curls were a bit looser. I have heard sleep in buns, but i prefer a technique that I can do in the morning (I shower every morning). any tips?? also i didnt really like braiding my hair because I thought it looked to crimped.

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i would love more controlled looser curls.


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    I'd really like to know the answer for this too! I love the beachy, loose, wavy hair and I'd really like to know how with my 3b hair.
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    I have 3b hair too, and I have tried every single thing imaginable to make my curls looser. I still haven't found the perfect technique, but it seems the best thing to do is run a flat iron gently through my hair. I know it's damaging and all, but I just spray on some heat protectant and go for it, and I haven't gotten damaged ends. Don't use mousse, try a straightening product while wet and then sleep on a high bun, then flat iron slightly in the morning. It's the only way it works for me, and I've found it so annoying and time consuming I just straighten it all the way most of the time. The only way you can truly get perfect waves like the celebrities have is by blow-drying straight, flat ironing, and then curling. And how stupid is that?
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    I think you're lucky to have tight curls. Mine are so unpredictable! I never know whether I'll have waves or "Little Orphan Annie" Curls. If I were you I would go with the curls you've got! I'm so jealous...
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    bump (i want to know this too!)
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    I was either a 3a or 3b and I just used the EasyStraight 1 week formula and it gave me loose,beacy waves. I think when it wears off I'm going to use the permanent one.
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    When I was looking on the general forum i saw the topic "wetbrushing for looser curls" I tried brushing my hair when it was wet and it wasn't quite as curly.
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