Burns & now peeling

EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
OK, so I did my cleansing, etc., routine yesterday morning. I used my DMAE sample, & yes, it had the feeling of firming, but not the look of such. Wouldn't that be wonderful; no needles, no knives?! :cheers:

But there wasn't any stink. I thought I must be getting a cold. :?

I waited 30 minutes & used the BHA.

The burning made me realize something was wrong & I put my bat glasses back on & picked up one of the two look alike containers to look at the bottom. :shock:

I had used Cranberry Eyelift Gel instead of DMAE! They're both clear. I had them both in the same sample containers because of the easy flip-up lid. They were sitting next to each other.

But did I rinse off & start over? Oh no. -DITZ- I figured the damage was done. That night my face was peeling & pinkish.

I know I did something wrong, but the new skin will look better, right?

So yeah, I need to back off something now, but what; BHA? "Scrubbing pad"? Wash cloth? No Retin-A at night? Put away the Cranberry Eye Lift and/or BrowTox? :dontknow:


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    When I was getting burned by the DMAE every now and then from using it twice per day, I would just back off for a couple days and then try again. When I finally nailed it down that it was the DMAE, I just figured out that I needed to only use it once a day.

    Just take a day off from all the acids and try again the next day. :)
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  • EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
    Just to clarify, I used the Cranberry Eye Lift all over my face, thinking it was the DMAE. And then I applied the BHA. I guess these two don't play nice together.

    But I'll lay off the acid. ha ha ha :p
  • CynaminbearCynaminbear Registered Users Posts: 4,476 Curl Connoisseur
    I got sunburnt this weekend and DMAE burned like crazy when I accidentally put it on. I stopped using it all over my face for a couple days, but still used it around my eyes. I also didn't use salicylic acid on the burned parts. Instead, at night, I applied vitamin C serum because of the sun damage. I used the microfiber towel gently to help remove the peeling skin. Very, very gently. I'm able to use everything as normal now, but haven't used Retin A yet. I forgot to apply it last night, and hope to remember tonight.

    If it were me, even though it might not be recommended (I'm not sure), if I got a chemical burn from something I'd used, I try vitamin E oil, and if that doesn't help, cortisone cream.
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