Any recommendations?, absolute newbie at styling my hair (male)

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I didn't post this in the mens section as i want everyones opinion on this.

My hair is insanely thick and bushy, I added some pictures to show you:


Well this is what it generally looks like, thats even after messing around wearing hats to flatten it a bit... the next picture is what it would look like if i just did nothing (it was a taken as a joke because of how ridiculously big my hair was)

54477843no0.jpg yeah, as you can see, I need ALOT of help.

My hairs so thick and fuzzy, but it sprays out all over the place. What I was thinking is i need some sort of product to put in it to compact it.

I'm not that bothered if I had wet look or dry look products, if you have any recommendations of either please let me know, but I really need something that is suitable for thick longish hair, and will not get messed up after a day in dry heat, or when its really windy. My hair blows all over the place in the wind, and the sides stick out like a nutty proffesser, I'm not sure if something with strong hold would be best, or if I should get something that leaves the hair free, but makes it wet and group together a bit?

What would you guys recommend?, i've heard of mousses you put in wet hair, gels, waxes and whatnot... what does everyone recommend?

Right now I use nothing, and just dry my hair with a regular hair dryer, I heard about diffuser attachments, would that be worthwhile for me?



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    I think finding a moisturizing conditioner and chucking some gel in the hair while it's still wet from the shower would go a great length in helping with the bigness factor.

    If I were a guy (I wish, some days!), I would simply, conditioner wash, condition, rinse, put some gel in and let it air dry. Once it was dry, I'd scrunch out the crunch and call it good.

    A good, cheap gel from what I hear (I don't use cheap anything because I figure it has to be better if it's more expensive) is Dep gel found at any drugstore. It has a lot of hold and is very cheap. I've also heard Suave, Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essence gels are fantastic and cheap.

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    I would do what SunshineGrrl said, except I would leave in some conditioner. You might be surprised how much it can handle.

    Also, don't touch it or put a hat on while it's drying. That makes frizz. Try to rely on leave in conditioner to weigh it down, and gel to hold it.
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    And thank you for leaving your hair long enough to see the curls.

    The women of the world thank you...:flower:
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    Your hair looks like my brother's hair when he puts in no product. I'll give you his routine.

    He co-washes with Suave conditioner daily
    Sometimes he'll shampoo with any old poo.
    He then scrunches in some gel - normally LA Looks or Suave
    Air drys.

    Doesnt' take him more than 15-20 to get ready in the morning. Wish I could do that....

    If you're blowdrying you NEED to diffuse. Blowing the hair all around your head will only cause more frizz. I think you'll find that helps a ton.
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    Your hair looks really healthy, so you probably need to find a decent gel. Gel really helps your hair hold curls into a nice shape, so they don't get all puffy and big. Two favorite gels of mine are [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink], and Biotera Gel. I prefer [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink], because Biotera can weigh my hair down a bit too much. Both are great though. When you get out of the shower you put lots into your hair, comb it through with a fine tooth comb, flip your head over and scrunch your hair (make sure it's still soaking wet) to encourage the curls, and then let it dry naturally. Then when your curls feel like they're dry, you scrunch out the crunch! I think you'll be really happy with how your hair looks once you find the right products!
  • chemchem Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hey, thanks for all the replies.

    I'll definitely get a diffuser, and i'm kind of glad you mentioned gel, as I have a fair few different ones from when I used to have short hair. Does anyone recommend anything specific?

    I have (in uk, not sure if other countries have these):
    Vo5: Style Gel: Wet Look
    Vo5: Extreme Replay: Pliable Texturising Paste
    Brylcreem: Strong Gel: Long Lasting Hold
    Shockwaves: Ultra Strong: Power Hold Gel
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    You may want to consider getting a cut/trim, leaving the top layer long and curly, but cutting it close around your ears and neck. The tips already given are great. You'll be surprised what conditioner and gel can do to make your hair look great.
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    I'm from the UK as well and I swear by Vo5 mega hold gel. All the other gels i've tried (boots, garnier fructis, shockwaves ...) have been too thick for my hair and I don't get enough hold from them.

    I'm tempted to try the Brylcreem gels even though they're marketed towards men. Are they any good?
    UK curly :occasion8:

  • chemchem Registered Users Posts: 3
    I'm from the UK as well and I swear by Vo5 mega hold gel. All the other gels i've tried (boots, garnier fructis, shockwaves ...) have been too thick for my hair and I don't get enough hold from them.

    I'm tempted to try the Brylcreem gels even though they're marketed towards men. Are they any good?

    Thanks for the replies, and yeah ^ i'll see how it looks when i've styled it, then may get a cut.

    I'm probably not the best person to ask, as I used it when my hair was very short, so my hair was really easy to gel, but I seemed to remember the vo5 wet look being firmer and harder, bryl cream didnt seem as strong hold (however i was spiking up short hair, so I think brylcreem may be the best for longer hair)

    I'll try them and post my results.

    I've been checking for diffusers to buy one tommorow.. but they seem to come with varying sizes, if anyone has any opinion on the best one on here, i'd really appreciate it!

    I read that narrower diffusers are better for straighter hair?

    that was the last question, i promise.


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