list of harmful ingredients

thank you to QUIRKYYOGINI who posted 'useful curly links' on June 8.

however, i am in search of a listing of harmful 'cones and 'sulfates that curlies should stay away from, and why we should stay way from them. i'd like to try a few new products and would hate to buy something that is not CG.

i thought i found a thread about this when i first joined, but i just spent over an hour searching the forums and have been unsuccessful. can anyone point me in the right direction?

much thanks.
Mix of Botticelli-Ringlets-Spirals

alternate between:
Deva NoPoo/Deva OneCondition
and Herbal Essence Drama Clean Shampoo/Hello Hydration Conditioner
always use:
KMS Hair Stay Gel
Henna 'n' Placenta Conditioning Treatment
wash hair every 3rd night
apply products by scrunching and raking
diffuse until 100% dry

i hate 1st day hair!
my hair likes humidity and protein.


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