Tanning woes

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I have a tanning problem. I am fair-skinned, and I can't seem to tan easily.

Since I've been wearing mostly t-shirts for a few months now, my upper arms are white and my lower arms are darker. It looks really bad.

I'd like to think there is some sort of product I can put on my upper arms, and that it would magically be the same shade of tan that's on my lower arms.

I'm planning on going to a Maroon 5 concert that's outside on September 6, and I don't want to wear a short-sleeve shirt; i want to wear a tank top of some sort.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Yo!! Right here. I have perzaktly the same problem.

    Self tanner is the way to go, but it sometimes takes some experimenting to find a brand and type that works perfectly for you. Use something with a bronzer so you can be sure to only put it where you're still white. I prefer lotions or gels to sprays.

    Good luck!!
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    I'm a strawberry blonde, and have tried lots of self tanners. I'm also bad at applying them evenly, so I basically need something foolproof. The best product I've used is Bare Escentuals Faux Tan. It's easy to use, it smells good, and even an inept applier like me can use it.

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    self-tanners are hit and miss. i love this site for the info they gave me before i wrote my column about sunless tanning last year:

    My blog:


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