overconditioning: 101

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my hair is typically so dry that i can only assume that overconditioning is something more closely aligned with the yeti.

however, it has been beginning to act and feel a bit peculiar. but since i don't really know the first thing about overconditioned hair - i thought i'd see if any of you lovely ladies would be willing to answer a few questions?

1) how quickly could hair go from dry-dry-dry to over-conditioned?

2) what does over-conditioned hair actually look/feel like? any tell-tale signs?

3) how do you repair it?

4) can hair be both extremely dry and extremely prone to overconditioning?


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    I can answer 2 and 3 for you: I know that hair that is usually over-conditioned is quite fluffy and poofy but very soft to the touch, I get this after dts alot. An acv rinse usually restores the balance. hth
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    To look at it, your hair can appear to be very dry, poofy and flyaway, but be very soft to the touch. This a sign of overconditioning. If it appears very dry, poofy and flyaway and also feels very dry, this could be a sign of protein sensitivity. Overconditioning can usually be repaired with either an ACV rinse or shampoo -- sometimes, a few days of just water washing following by regular conditioning will help, too. And yes, even with very dry hair, one can overdo it with the conditioners.
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    My hair is very dry too, and I know that at one point, just before going off CG, I was terribly overconditioned and still dry. Wht actually happened to me was that the conditioner would just sit on top of my hair and not soak in anymore, so when I rinsed it, it would just keep binding to the buildup from the last cowash.

    Looking back, if I had started to employ vinegar rinses religiously (like once or twice a week), I may have been able to stay CG, but I've since succumbed to the dark lure of sulfates and cones again. But my hair is happier than it's been in my life, so I must be doing something right!

    I recommend trying a vinegar rinse if you're getting "gummy" like I was. It can't hurt! Also, try an oil-based DT with heat, and then do your normal routine in the shower, ending with a vinegar rinse. I did that last night, and my hair is happy today! Here's the thread link with my recipe, but most people won't have the same odd crap on hand that I do :laughing7: :


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