Matrixyl or amino-peptide formula recs?

squishymattersquishymatter Posts: 12Registered Users
I have been reading that the amino peptide formulas actually work pretty well, although I'm not entirely clear on the difference between Matrixyl and some of the others - which is best? I know that the Olay Regenerist stuff is supposed to be pretty good, but I looked at the ingredients and they all have a bunch of silicones in them - I don't want silicones in my hair, and I really don't think I want them on my skin either. The Andrea Wrinkle Release looks a bit better ingredient-wise, but still seems to have a lot of unnecessary chemicals in it, and it looks like Sephora Professionel Ultimate Relaxation Cream has Matrixyl, but they don't list the ingredients online - I am hoping to find something without a lot of extra ingredients that isn't too expensive, but maybe I am out of luck. Does anyone have one that they could reccomend that they like? Preferably that won't break the bank? Thanks!

2c/3a - finally found my hair groove, yay!

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