need help for ORS olive oil relaxer

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Hi,I am Persian and my English is not that good but I need help…..I come to this site often and check for my very frizzy and fluffy hair which I think is 2b or 2c.About 3months ago I start to be CG and didn’t use shampoo just VO5 conditioner for washing my hair and Aubrey conditioner for after washing and Alba leave in conditioner after I toweled dry my hair.My hair still was very frizzy and fluffy which I really hate, so last night I used ORS relaxer, leaved it on my hair for 12 minutes, now the bad thing is I didn’t use the ORS shampoo and conditioner that I suppose to use… I still used the VO5 conditioner to wash my hair and same thing that I used for this last 3months.Right now my hair looks beautiful, I love it…. The frizzy and fluffy is gone and is pinning straight but my hair looks heavy and is hard to comb. Is this normal? Did I damage my hair? Is my hair going to fall or brake?I am really scared, I don’t want to wash my hair again because last night I washed very good but only with VO5 conditioner and then left aubrey conditioner for 5 minutes and after I toweled dry my hair I used Alba leave in conditioner.I hope you beautiful girls can understand my broken English and my bad grammar. What else I need to do to help my hair. please help me. Please please.Thank you,Sisi


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    if that is a regualr relaxer you need to immediately get a neutralizing shampoo in it and/or see a hairdresser immediately. best of luck
    3a/b/c - mostly 3c when natural; 3a when relaxed
    Tentatively protein-sensitive. Linange Butter Relaxer after a couple of years of cg - personal and professional preferences for less heat and more manageability.
    Seeking suggestions for moisture rich and cg safe products. Trying washing, cond'ing, DT, roller sets and bonnet dryer at home for a while to protect my hair. Iron supplements to prevent loss.
  • SIMASIMA Registered Users Posts: 83
    I did wash my hair with their shampoo yesterday and my hair looks good and not damaged.thank you for reply.sima

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