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Alright so for the first time today, I didn't use shampoo. Already my hair appears curlier, less frizz. Lets see how long this keeps up!

Oh but I have a question. When youre on the CG method, does your hair feel greasy? Or the same way it did while on shampoo too?


  • myCeliamyCelia Registered Users Posts: 195
    Great, keep it up! There's generally a transition period, sometimes up to 6 weeks, so hair and scalp may be hornery during this time. Sounds like you've gotten off to a good start though.

    Try searching the forum for 'clarify'. One that quite a few have used successfully is apple cider vinegar (ACV).

    Good luck!

    myCelia :)
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  • Morgan_AdcockMorgan_Adcock Registered Users Posts: 2,573 Curl Neophyte
    I find that my hair feels different, not greasy. But my hair was feeling like straw to me. I think I was on a viscous cycle of trying/adding product after product to improve the state of my hair. Until I stumbled across a reference to CG, it never occurred to me that it was the salon products that were the problem.

    Now my hair is going back to a more natural, less brittle state, but I can still tell there's damage there that's just going to have to be cut out.

    My scalp feels better. I think it was (and probably still is to a certain extent) overproducing sebum to try to make up for the daily stripping it was getting with shampoo.

    OTOH, if your hair was coated with silicones, it may still be if you haven't given it a clarifying cleanse, and natural oils could be laying on top of the silicones, unable to penetrate the hair, which could cause it to feel greasy to you.

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  • ledzeppoleledzeppole Registered Users Posts: 79 Curl Neophyte
    ok thank you guys :)
    i'll post some results as i go along but so far, i feel happy
    oh and i got my little sister on the CG method too! she has type 2B hair while I myself am a 3B
    We'll just see how this works :)
  • eweniqueewenique Registered Users Posts: 1,502 Curl Neophyte
    Be sure that your conditioner and styling products don't have ingredients that end in 'cone, 'xane, or 'conol. These are silicones and need sulfate shampoo to remove them. Friction is important to keep your scalp clean, buildup and itch free, so be sure to gently scrub/massage your scalp with your fingertips or a scalp brush. I can take 4 - 6 weeks for your scalp and hair to adjust to CG, and it takes a bit of experimenting to see what products and techniques work best for your hair. You'll find lots of information on these forums. Good luck!
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  • JulieWJulieW Registered Users Posts: 18
    I'm been doing a modified CG routing since May and at first I did have a few greasy issues, but after the first month or so it seemed to calm down. It might be your scalp reacting to the new routine, and/or it might be--as I think it was in my case--a matter of figuring out how much conditioner to leave in, and how much product to put in. I think at first I was putting a little too much stuff in so it got a little goopy feeling. But now that I've figured out how much to use, I haven't had any problems.

    Btw ledzeppole, I love your username! :)
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  • Curligirl89Curligirl89 Registered Users Posts: 70
    Today was my first CG day too! I hope this works! All you guys have such beautiful hair and I envy it!!!! :mrgreen:
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