Products confusion...pls help

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Hi all curly divas,

I am new to this site. I had my hair chemically processed 2 years back and still suffering from the after results. It has become very dry and breaks a lot. I have grown it back to all curly and it's been a year but since I am used to brushing and not much of a regimen but wash and condition....I am not able to see curl defination at all.

However, I have started using Deva curl products lately the no-poo,gel,spray and one condition but no use.

Am I doing something wrong and when I see the products others are using there are a lot of products 3 shampoos, 3 leave in products, 2 conditioners etc..Do you all put all the products in or alternate? If you alternate, why do you do that if one set is working fine for you?

Please do help me with your kind suggestions. Thanks.


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    Do you have a picture so we can see the condition of your hair etc

    I am assuming you are a 3b. If you cut of all the processed hair and you are doing the culry girl thing you need to stop brushing and detangle in shower with conditioner on. Use fingers or a wide tooth comb. You need to create new habits. After that use a leave in conditioner.

    If you have fine hair..don't overdue it with the conditioner it will weigh down your hair. Use either a curling cream, mousse or light-weight spray gel for setting. Let air dry or diffuse with heat/low speed. Do not touch hair. The more you manipulate it the less curl and more frizz you will have.

    Post pic of hair and maybe we can give you more specifics.
    fine texture w/normal-abundant density
    3b(canapy & sides), 3c(underlayer)?

    co-wash: suave tropical coconut
    leave-in: Biolage Conditioning Balm
    styler: Biotera curling cream &Mastey EMPLACE sculpting spray gel
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    want2luvcurls, I have uploaded my avatar pic, can you suggest me something based on the pic.