frizzy hair!!!

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Up until very recently i have straightened my hair constantly, i would go no where without it straightened. after i wash my hair its horrible and all dry and a frizzy ball, i suppose you could say. The other day i washed my hair before i went to bed and when i got up the next mornin it didnt look to bad, my hair was very curly (3b) and everyone i saw complimented me and said it looked like i had tonged it so now i have decided that i should start going natural but i hate the fact that i will have to sleep on it every time i want to wear it curly, i have tried loads of curling things but none of it works, also i was wonderin how the no poo thing works and what it does for your hair ect. Thanks XoxoX


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    ok. well first off, no poo is no shampoo(conditioner only or shampoo 1 time a week). i use this method. it makes my hair softer and shinier. i'd recommend trying it. you might feel a little itchy at first, but it went away fast for me.

    as for the frizzy thing, have you tried scrunching or plopping? i do scrunching personally (i had bad results with plopping. it doesn't work for everyone). scrunching with good product helps control my frizz.

    you might also wanna try honey. it helps make my hair less frizzy and shinier and softer also.

    let me know if any of this works, or let me know if you need more advice. HTH. :wink:
    3a/some 3b
    "I talk to myself every once in awhile. Give myself very good advice. Sometimes, I even take it"

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