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Ok, well I would like to lose about 14lbs and would like to achieve this by starting an exercise routine as well as a healther diet.

Since it has beem a fair while since I have pushed myself in this way, I just tend to do a 20 min walk each day. I would like advice on the best types of exercise to start off slowly for lose of weight and to tone. I don't really want to join a gym because im watching my expenses at the moment.

I have no idea about this but i mainly want to lose weight off my stomach and hip and maybe some off my thighs.

Im thinking swimming would be good for cardio but ive heard that you have to combine weight training?

I hope im making some kind of sense with all this.
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    I would increase the walks to 30 minutes for the next couple of weeks, then up it to 45 minutes after that. Try adding jogging bursts during your walks for 2 minutes at a time. Swimming is great too. Your body is so accustomed to what you've been doing, so you're maintaining right now. You need to change it up to see results. For weight loss, be sure to get in about 5 cardio sessions that are 30-45 minutes.

    Weight training will make a world of difference, you will get leaner quicker and speed up your metabolism. Invest in a couple of resistance training DVDs and purchase a couple pairs of hand weights (a moderate-heavy pair and a lighter pair). Plus, there are tons of exercises that can be done without weights (pushups, crunches, squats, lunges, etc.).

    Also, you can go to fitnessmagazine.com or self.com, they have a few workout programs on their site.

    Hope this helps!
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    Aright, Im kind of a work-out-a-holic (dont know why), and i experiment with a lot of stuff so I think I can help out. Just to give some credibility, I'm a black belt in Karate, and Im on the dance team/competition team at my school with practice 2-3 times a week and dance classes twice a week, so I've learned what kinda not to do.

    For starters, I wouldn't diet. I really honestly don't know a thing about dieting, but of what I've heard from friends and such, don't diet. The goal is to build and tone muscles, not necessarily change the eating.

    To start off, start eating 5-6 times a day. Never skip any meal, especially breakfreast! Eat small portions frequently, snacks are great as well. This keep your metabolism up and running. The only way to build muscle as well is to make sure you eat good, eat lots of protein and I'd reccomend drinking orange juice with vitamin d+calcium.

    So if you don't work out a lot and would like to start toning your arms, don't jump straight into pushups. Stand facing the wall and outstretch your arms so your palms are touching the wall, like a vertical push up. Do about 10 this way, and for increased tone switch up the kind of push up, do diamonds (bend your elbows towards your belly button or down, not out), point your hands left and right. This will work all the muscles in your bicep/tricep area. For increase muscle activity there, do 5 of each kind switching it up and then repeat. It is important to start doing this before normal pushups because many people have terrible form with their pushups. This wall excercise will get muscle form into your mind.

    For abs, if you work in an office or something the easiest way to quick tone is to flex them. When your sitting there, sit up straight. Then flex your muscles as hard as you can for 30 seconds - make sure you breathe when you do this. Then sit normal for about 5 minutes and repeat. This keeps the muscles active - easiest way to train them.

    As for situps/crunches/curlups, make up your own kind. Personally I like doing bicycles. You put your arms behind your head, sitting in curl up position. Then lift say your left knee and try to touch it to your right elbow;repeat switching sides. Another thing is leg lifts. Lay on the floor flat on your back and legs straight out in front of you also on the floor. Put your hands under your but and lift your legs in the air almost 90 degrees. Lower them never touching them to the floor again and repeat how many times you want.

    For hips, get on the floor on all fours - hands and knees. Lift your leg like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant - Im not kidding, it works pretty good. I will take some pictures tonight and post them for you if you'd like. I will also post some of some other excersices you might like, and complicating the ones I told you.
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    Usually, "toning muscles" is used to mean increasing muscle size while decreasing body fat, in order to make muscles more visible. Is that what you mean, OP?

    Achieving that goal means losing body fat and doing weight training. These two aims can be somewhat antithetical, since gaining muscle usually requires a caloric surplus, while losing body fat means eating at a caloric deficit. However, you can lose fat while protecting the muscle you have (or even gaining muscle) by exercising and eating a high-protein diet. The proportions suggested for this kind of diet are usually 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat.

    You can buy some free weights for strength training, or just use your own weight as resistance (as with push ups, crunches, etc). Jumping rope is great exercise, and the materials are cheap! Swimming is a good start. Google and Youtube can give you better advice, but I'd stay away from fitness magazines aimed at women. Stumptuous is a great site, although it's a little difficult to navigate.

    Women and men need to do the same exercises in order to be fit. The only differences are that women have higher body fat needs than men, and can't develop muscle as rapidly. As a woman, you don't have enough testosterone to really bulk up. Even female athletes who are extraordinarily strong can be very compact. Don't be afraid to lift some weights!
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    I recently started jogging as i too want to save some money from expensive gym memberships.
    I started just doing 20 min slow jogging every other day for two weeks and then increased my time but kept the pace (apparently its better to jog slower, for longer, than faster for a shorter period of time). I definatly feel a little lighter, fitter and more energetic and thats only after 3 weeks!!
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    I've lost quite a bit weight recently, because I've been working out a lot. I still have a larger booty but my hips have narrowed. I actually liked my wider hips, is there anyway to tone my hips so I can be more round again?
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