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Hello there girls, b4 I start I just want to re-instate the fact that i love this site. I joined up in June of 99 after about 2mnths of lurking and your site is now one of my regular stops whenever I go online. I have never been a member of any other beauty board and I dont plan it either. is a fantastic place where I come to share my hair ups and downs and even in life matters as well. It is a community I am proud to be a part of.

On that note I would like to also express my dissapointment in some of the things that have been going on here in the past month or so. Ppl are tending to become more antsy and less open minded. Some of the posts have even gotten down right nasty ands mean, now I realize that this is inevidable with such a broad based community but before recently ppl have been respectful and careful about how they treat others. This change may just be that we are all feeling the tension of the holidays aproaching or it may just be that we have all gotten our gaurds up since the community is growing so rapidly (which is great -dont get me wrong) but I was thinking perhaps we may want to look into having an agreement of ediquette when we sign on our members or some type of statment that thoroughly explains that we will not tolerate predudice or negativity in anyway here within our community. Everyone's opinions are valued greatly by the others here but I think perhaps all this nonesense needs to stop. We are all adults here and need to do away with our petty bickering. I know how difficult it is to read some things and bit my tongue -so to speak but some things are better left unsaid.There are one or two members I have noticed in particular that need to be looked at closer as contributing members of our community I hope that with the new yr ppl have a new attitude and new ideas about how we should treat each other here. It hasnt gotten totally out of hand yet but I fear if it is not caught now, in its early stages of manifestation that it might.

Like I said earlier, Ilove this site and wouldnt stop coming here on account of some negative attitudes but I would hate to see the loss of some of the less patient but equally important members. I think you girls are doing a great job and I encourage everyone to help these girls make this a great place to be. I am not too sure what I am suggesting as I know that we make it what we make it but I supose you may want to take a look at some of the posts to find out what I am talking about . Maybe we all just need a good stern talking to as a group, I am not sure. I love this site and you girls for doing this site.
I value all the members I have gotten to know this past yr and thank everyone for all the help I have gotten for my hair as well as for myself. I feel that I can come here and express my opinion freely without the fear of persecution, lets help gretchen and michelle keep it that way!

Sorry for babbling on and on I just have a lot to say thats all. And I want to apologize if I offended anyone in any way shape or form in this post. smile.gif

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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