solia users...question!!

charmevecharmeve Registered Users Posts: 3 I bought my solia flat iron last week from and I didn't open it until a few days ago...

when I opened it I was really disappointed b/c the flat iron looked used b/c the external material
(the heat resistant parts where you hold it) looks scratched up all over.

However, the cord and the outlet look very new.
So I'm thinking maybe the external material is suppose to look like that (polymeric composite material??)
OR folica jipped me by selling me a fixed up used flat iron.
i am really confused, b/c the scratches are consistent all over the iron even on the inside, places where I don't know how it's possible to get scratches.

so my question to you solia users I have a used Solia or is the external material suppose to look used?

please answer b/c I am really paranoid and would like to get to the bottom of



  • dancerxotdancerxot Registered Users Posts: 140
    when i got mine it looked fresh and new, no scratches...i'd definitely call folica and see what's up.

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  • DoodlesDoodles Registered Users Posts: 1,984
    Did you end up calling Folica?
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