Extensions Never AGAIN!!

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First of all want to say Hi ladies missed NC so much (we changed our internet provider so had to go three weeks without net...TOTAL TORTURE).

But anyway am back wahooo

Well anyway as some of you may know i've been rocking sew-ins and intend to till oct (my 1st natural anniversay also when i'm gonna start my fotki and rockin my curls out daily).

Well last month i got this bright idea to try getting some extension (the kind where you plait it a little past where your natural hair length then knot it so the ends are loose). I had them years ago when my hair was relaxed and everyone always said they suit me. Also I thought getting them would make a nice change from the weave and would be easier to maintain as all id really have to do is moisture spray them daily

So the other i was sitting watching tv minding my business... and my mum comes up to me and says "oh my goodness look!" whilst holding a plait in her hand... now the issue wasn't that an extension had come out...(as long as it aint in public i dont really mind lol)
it was the fact that sticking out from the top of the plaited extension was about a cm of curly strands of my hair...
What i'm saying is that the extension hadnt only droped out it took the whole lock of my hair with it...

it gets worse....
my mum said it was because the hair was plaited to tight and advised to take out a few plaits at the front...
So i started undoing the plaits...(even though they took 9hours to put in...anything to save my curls! lol)
but stopped after i'd taken out the tight ones at the front...why?....ladies if you saw the amount
of loose strands that had broken off...
seriously since going natural i haven't experienced any breakage just shedding so to see strand after strand of my curlies coming out was soooooo painful...

I couldnt go on ladies and now i'm soooo scared to take out the rest of them. I feel like all my hard work has gone down the drain and my hair may been damaged all coz of the stupid extensions...
I researched before getting them put in for weeks to prevent this from happening...
I dont understand why this never happened when i had a relaxer but has to happen to my natural hair which i love soooo much. life isn't fair.

I'm taking them all out when i get paid so i can do a thorough protein treatment and i think im gonna need a trim.

For now i'm just tying a satin scarf round the front and wearing them loose to avoid uneccessary tension on my roots...

*Sigh* ANY words of wisdom would be REALLY apprerciated or any similar ecperiences...what did you do if something similar has appened to you... coz right now i feel soooooo down about my hair and really need some NC support.

Will report bk when i take them out to inform of the severity of damage done. pray for me.

thanks for listening sory for the long rant had to get it of my chest...


  • cysycacysyca Registered Users Posts: 362
    Hello Miss Four A,

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I just took out my braids last night and I do my own hair cuz I don't trust anyone else because of unnecessary tightness when some braider pull your hair to add extensions. It seems like this is what happened to you among other things. I pray for you and hope your hair grows back and it probably will but if it does not please seek help. Please keep in touch.
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  • Miss.Four-AMiss.Four-A Registered Users Posts: 160
    definately stay in touch its so depressing i know people say hair will grow back and its just hair but when you've put so much love into it it hurts lol
  • bella geebella gee Registered Users Posts: 88
    Be Encouraged!!!!!
    **Updated 2.23.09**
  • Miss.Four-AMiss.Four-A Registered Users Posts: 160
    Trying to but this is the first ime since BCing that i feel low about my hair is that shallow lol
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    Hi, just want to give some encouragement. I know nothing about extensions or sew-ins or weaves. But I'm thinking if it's putting stress on your own hair to the point that it's taking it out, better to remove the extensions now.
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  • Flower princessFlower princess Registered Users Posts: 608
    I hope you're better now.I'm sure that after a few DC it's gonna b alright.WELCOME back.:)
    All Hair is Good Hair!

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