i went to ouidad (yes THE ouidad)

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(crosss posted in 3c forum)
so as many of you may or may not know, i won the scavenger hunt contest here back in april. part of my prize was a trip to the ouidad salon in nyc. im supposed to do a write up about it, but i figured id give you guys the REAL scoop.
my appointment was with ana who is the artisitic director and a tier 1 stylist there. to liken the salon to our government, if ouidad were president, ana is the vice prez.
everyone was really nice (i even met ouidad and she was super nice), but i felt like there was a scrpit that they go by, to educate people on how to take care of curls. since ive been on this site for several years and also worked at a salon before, i already knew all of it (yay nc.com for being such a great wealth of info!). i hadnt had a trim/shape in ages because i was waiting for this trip to have it done so i was a bit worried i had raggedy ends even though i didnt see any. but i didnt, she agreed that my hair was in fantastic health.
i was pretty much dead set against having the carve and slice cut since i have fine hair and i didnt want to sacrifice volume, but i gave up trying to fight her about it and just had it done anyway. my hair was washed, conditioned, and deep conditioned, trimmed/shaped (it was done on wet hair). and even though i enjoyed myself, i still hadnt felt wowed or like i learned anything i didnt know already.
that all changed once she styled my hair. i had never used ouidad products before and she showed my a new way to apply my products and also how to use clips at the roots to give volume. my hair looked amazing when it was finished. i was shocked that it was my hair. my hair was so defined,it looked like she had fingerstyled each individual curl. my hair was extra shiny and super bouncy. i kept saying how it looked like doll hair.
at the beginning of the appointment ana had told me that with the right products and the right hair cut (carve and slice) that i would finally get great 2nd day hair. so great that it would look even better than my 1st day hair, but i didnt believe her. she also told me to pineapple my hair at night and id have great 2nd day hair, which i really didnt believe. but when i woke up the next day, my hair looked like i had never went to bed. she made a believer out of me!
im not crazy about the ingredients in the products they gave me, so i tried same styling method with my regular products. of course my hair didnt look as great as it did when i left the salon, but it looked pretty darn good. i think i have to perfect the styling technique a bit more before i get the same results. the good side is, my 2nd day hair was once again fabulous. i didnt pineapple that night due to sheer laziness, but once again, you could tell that it was 2nd day hair.
based off the styling tip alone, this was a really really really great great experience.


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    wow....I'm so happy you had a good experience Subbrock! I can't believe you broke down and got the carve and slice :-) The good thing is that you don't lose any length....you just have an easier time styling your hair. Now you're making me want to get my hair carved and sliced again. Lol.

    So please share the details on the "new product application technique". I can't wait to see your pics!
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    I'm so happy you had a good time and came out with great hair and new styling techniques. I have used a few Oiudad products in past when I was texlaxed. I may have to give them again on my natural hair.

    OK so where are the pics girlie? I can't wait to see them and also what products they did use?

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    My girlfriend goes to Boston once a year for an Ouidad cut. I can't wait to see your pics. Please, please post them soon!!!
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    okay pics are officially posted!

    as for the styling, approximately 10% of their [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Blended-Beauty-Curl-Quenching-Conditioner-p-372.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=blended-beauty-curl-quenching-conditioner]curl quenching conditioner[/buylink] was left in my hair after it was washed. then ana devided the hair into 5 horizontal sections. with each section she detangled first with a small tooth comb. my hair doesnt get too tangled, so no cause for alarm. then she applied a generous amount of the climate control gel. next she raked it through my hair with her fingers a few times and on the last rake through, right before she got to the ends of my hair, she wiggled her hands back and forth to bring the curl pattern out. same thing was done to each section. it made really awesome clumps of defined curls. then she put duckbill clips at the roots of my hair in the front to provide some height/lift. after that my hair was diffused. once my hair was dried the clips were removed and she put a dollup of the clear control pomade which softend up the gel and added alot more shine. for second day hair i just spritzed it with the sun shield spray.
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    Your hair looks great.
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    Subbrock, your hair looks great (as always)!!!! I love how boingy your curls were :D
  • deahnataydeahnatay Posts: 82Registered Users
    what is pineappling your hair?
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    WOW! Your hair is beautiful. There's a Quidad Salon here in CLT and now I'm tempted to go there and give it a try.
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    deahnatay wrote: »
    what is pineappling your hair?

    putting it in a loose high ponytail
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    I love the cut, love the color, they did a great job, you look beautiful!!!
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    Oh it looks so beautiful! But they didn't make your hair beautiful, it already was :wink:
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    Your hair looks fantastic!! 1st day and 2nd!! Did you see anyone at Ouidad with a tighter curl pattern?
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    thanks for the compliments!

    when i went, there was a little girl getting her hair done who had tighter 3c curls than mine. then there was a stylist assistant/shampoo girl who was about 4a, and then ana showed me he real hair and shes a 4a too.
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    I am so in love with your curls. Your hair looks fantastic. I'm glad you had fun. That's the most important part. :)
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    Your hair looks fantastic Subbrock! I'm glad you had such a great experience - and belated congrats on winning the contest.
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    Your hair looks AWESOME!!! Why is pineappling important?
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    jcurlady wrote: »
    WOW! Your hair is beautiful. There's a Quidad Salon here in CLT and now I'm tempted to go there and give it a try.

    Jcurl....I've been there and I can tell you about my experience.

    Anyway, Subbrock, your hair looks amazing. I love the curls. They did a fab job with the cut and styling. Does it feel thinner at all? My hair felt a lot thinner after the carve and slice.
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    First let me say how super jealous I am that you won Subbrock...


    Ok, with that out of the way... Congrats! Your hair still looked gorgeous when you styled at home and I love the makeup in that last photo. Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    Your hair looks fabulous! And I love the color! In photo number 4 your curls look so defined and bouncy. I'm jelly LOL
    - Maria

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    oh man i cant see the pictures at work but wait till i go home!! thank you soo much for this post cause you just gave me newfound hope!
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    WOW! Your hair looks great! And thanks for explaining the styling method that she used.
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    Subb it looks fantastic. Your hair actually looks longer. I love it, it really does look like doll hair.
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    went through all the pics in your fotki...

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    One word. DY-NO-MITE!!!!:salute:
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    Your hair looks splendid!
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    your hair has grown, too...it's beautiful
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    missmonie wrote: »
    They did a fab job with the cut and styling. Does it feel thinner at all? My hair felt a lot thinner after the carve and slice.

    my hair when dry feels thinner but when its wet it doesnt feel much thinnner at all. i have super fine hair to begin with so once its straightend or wet it feels pretty thin.

    oh and i cant let ouidad take credit for my color, i go to my sister's salon for that! i need my roots done, bad. thank goodness for volume or else youd see over an inch of black roots!
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    Your hair looks amazing. Beautiful cut and style.
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    I knew your sister did your hair color and I'm always drooling over the color. You're so lucky to have somebody do it for you. I would have fried my hair by now LOL That color is very sensitive when it comes to my hair.

    Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us a video of what exactly they did to our hair? My hair never looks the same the next day after I leave the salon.

    BTW, if we were to PAY for this service how much do they charge?
    - Maria

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