Question for Gretchen?

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I was wondering if you have noticed the posts that have shown up on CurlTalk by "****" & "****"? I find them offensive!
Would you take a look and limit their access if you agree (and if possible).
I understand that as grows there are bound to be a few "odd balls" that join in.
Hope we can keep this site enjoyable.
Thanks Mary


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    Hi Gretchen/Michelle - I'm responding to the same 2 posters. I think we've had a troll infestation. I think many of us are finding their brand of "humor" offensive. Can anything be done?

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    I agree with the above. If someone abuses the system their posts should immediately be eliminated.

    Gretchen and Michelle may be away since these are the Holidays. Hope they can do something.

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    Thanks for the alerts, gals. I've been away from the computer today because of holiday goings on, so I appreciate your stepping in.
    We'll have a look.

    I just checked it out; both of those users have been deleted from the boards, and I've sent them notes to that effect. I've closed threads in which they were involved. My apologies to all of you for the offensive intrustion, and thanks again for helping us keep track of things.

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    Gretchen - It appears that ****, at least, is back on the board. She's currently got a post open called "To Gretchen" and it's getting offensive to some.

    Just wanted to let you know.

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    Anyone notice that the offensive ones are BACK! How sad when everyone else here has been so wonderful.
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    Thanks again for the heads up, y'all. I'll do what I can to get rid of these jerks. Best thing we can do is ignore them, I guess.

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