Does Rosemary and Sage work for covering gray?

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I have found a couple variations of a rosemary and sage herb rinse that is said to darken or cover gray hair. Here are some:

Has anyone ever tried this? Does this really work? I understand from another website that it takes several weeks to start working... I'm willing to try smelling like musty rosemary and sage for a few weeks, but before I do I just wonder if it has worked for anyone here! ;-)

I should note that my hair has never been colored, is mostly dark brown hair with a reddish tinge to it, but as I'm getting older I'm seeing more and more gray hairs appearing and I'm hoping to start a regimen that will gently cover them. I feel I'm too young to start putting harsh dyes in my hair, it's just a few gray hairs... so I have time to experiment... but it would make me feel better if I knew this worked! :wink:
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    I don't use it myself, but rosemary and sage will work to dye gray hair...eventually. You have to do it a lot (daily), for a long time (months), and eventually you will achieve some level of brown coverage, but it will probably never cover gray completely, more likely help it blend in with your natural brown better, and it will wash out fairly quickly after you stop using it.

    Henna can be used to achieve a natural brown color by adding either indigo or buxus (katam). They are basically the only herbal colorants that will impart color that is permanent and in much less time than rosemary and sage would.

    Lots of info here:
  • confusedmaidenconfusedmaiden Registered Users Posts: 59
    Wow, that website was very helpful. Thank you. I'll definitely be turning to henna and indigo when the grays are more than just a few strands. The herb rinse sounds like it might be too much trouble (e.g., I don't wash my hair daily).

    Edit: I have also heard that tea can also cover grays. I already use a tea rinse on occasion and though I didn't give much thought to it (I do only have the odd strand although they are definitely multiplying) now I realize that it does kind of reduce the appearance of grays as well.
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    Any dark colored liquid that stains (various teas, coffee, etc) will stain hair as well. But like the others said, it takes multiple applications to notice any difference. I used to use rosemary tea faithfully once a week for scalp issues. After several months, I noticed my sun-bleached ends were much darker. It does work. But it takes time. I also have grays becoming more evident every day, but don't want to start using dye. I decided to go the henna route. Haven't done it yet though, the powder is sitting on my desk waiting for me to find the time to use it......

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