Moptop or best shampoo for curly sometimes straightened frizzy hair?

redheadmommy05redheadmommy05 Registered Users Posts: 289
I like to straighten my hair sometimes and i was wondering what the best shampoo/ conditioner was that you guys have used to tame frizziness when wearing your hair both naturally curly and ironed straight? I want to try moptop, anyone try this both ways? Right now i use matrix smoothing shampoo and conditioner but my scalp is always dry and itchy.
3A thick curls and waves.....
trying to find a simple hair routine for a nurse/mommy always on the go!!
Currently using henna and ....
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  • EfrizzabethEfrizzabeth Registered Users Posts: 8,792 Curl Neophyte
    A stylist at ULTA told me the best set to use for when your want to wear your hair curly & for when you want to straighten (she's a curly) is smoothing shampoo & conditioner.

    They supposedly close the cuticle so it's not frizzy, & the hair ends up smoother, shinier, softer.

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