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I wanted to get some micro twist to give my hair a break when school starts in the fall. The 1st month of college is soo hard on me. Last yr I got my bc in sept b/c it was too hard to transition with the stress.

Ive had kinky twist and didnt like them. Im soo scared of micro braids.

Does anyone know anything about them? Are they bad on my hair? 3c/4a
BC 9/4/07 cut off 1.5 feet 5/14/11
3c/4a with3b pieces everywhere. Denise, full,course and low porosity.

My hair loves hemp, amla, honey, marshmallow ,aloe vera, olive oil, msn and agave.

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DC: AOHR w/ Olive oil &honey.
Leave-in: Oyin HH, Giovanni Direct Leave-in & Qhemet BRBC
Moisturizers Summer: Qhemet BRBC and OHHB,
Styler: Lily of Desert AV Gelly, GF Pure Clean Gel, As I Am Twist Defining Cream.


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    Hey EcoBella :wink: cute name...

    If microbraids are zillions than I would stay FAR away. I had these braids before in college also. They were easy to care for but terrible to take out. I felt it hurt more than it helped because I had a lot of damage from the tight braids, the stress of the braids on my hair and damage from removing them.

    Sorry to be so doom and gloom but I want to be honest.

    Good Luck



    Falling in love more and more each day with my natural hair :love4:

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