Is no poo for everyone?

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Maybe it's me and maybe it's my hair, :dontknow: but this no poo doesn't seem to be working out. It's probably "operator error" but my hair looks and feels horrible. I'm okay after I get out of the shower until my hair dries, then there are little frizzies and my hair gets super oily.:( Also I've noticed what loooks to be like pieces of my scalp in my hair..........gross!!!!! Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on what's going on with me and my hair? I've got 3A type curls, thick and about shoulder length. Would I be best starting over or are there any products I should look for that can be picked up at my local grocery store? I do dry as I am suppose to so I don't believe that's where the frizz is from. Thanks for the help guys, my hair and I are both in desperate need of it.


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    Are you scrubbing your scalp well as if you were using shampoo? When I do water-only washes, I have to do this to sort out my scalp or I get terrible dandruff. Also, I can't use conditioner on my scalp or I react badly to it. Not sure whether you are doing conditioner washing or water only with conditioner on the ends?

    I have almost come full circle with my experiment, which I started in about November. I am now finding that my hair is better if I use lots of oil (apricot currently) and shampoo it, rather than avoid shampoo and rely on my hair's own natural oils to condition it. That just left my hair dry and frizzy. I'm trying to reduce the frequency of my shampoo washes to once a week though.

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    It's not for everyone. I don't have the same issues as you do so I can't help there, but I have found that my hair reacts much better if I use a low-poo once a week or so. I've tried going completely shampoo free, but my hair gets limp and fugly.
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    It can take 4-6 weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust to no shampoo. It's very important to use friction on your scalp - gentle massage - and rinse well. Also your conditioner and styling products can't have 'cones, 'xanes, or 'conols. These will build up and need a sulfate shampoo to get them out. It takes some experimenting to find what works best for your hair. That may mean a shampoo once a week, but if you want to try going shampooless, then give it a bit more time. Try a brown sugar scrub, and an apple cider vinegar rinse. It should get better with time. Good luck!
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    definitely not for everyone. When I tried going totally poo-less, I found my curls actually flattened out! Apparently the way for me to get straight hair may just be to wash with conditioner and then blow straight. lol. When I did a sulfate poo last weekend, my curls were definitely revitalized. Go figure. :-) Some kinds of hair just need shampoo, but I think you can only really tell by giving poo free a real go, maybe for a few weeks.
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    I have 3a hair as well, and I found that I cannot go shampooless. Therefore, I am a modified CG. I use a sulfate shampoo every 3 days, but I make sure it doesn't have cones in it.

    When I don't shampoo, I get super greasy hair with curls that look dry and lifeless.
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