need serum for straight iron

Sammy22Sammy22 Registered Users Posts: 124
I need a serum that I can use before I flat iron and afterward for frizzies.



  • empressriempressri Registered Users Posts: 4,812
    redken smooth down heat glide
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  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,169 Curl Virtuoso
    I really like MOP's glisten drops.
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  • ElleglamElleglam Registered Users Posts: 12
    chi silk infusion
  • SIMASIMA Registered Users Posts: 83
    would you have the ingredients of mop's glisten drops,I need something that dose'nt have cones in it..thank you,sima
  • curlybrunette5curlybrunette5 Registered Users Posts: 264
    I'm not sure if a heat protecting serum exists without silicones. I think it's the cones that actually protect the hair from heat. I know Redken Heat Glide is loaded with them and I'm pretty sure the MOP one is too.
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    empressri wrote: »
    redken smooth down heat glide

    I also have to agree with this. Fantastic product! I use this to help straighten my hair. Redken has a great smoothing line.
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  • SIMASIMA Registered Users Posts: 83
    thank you, but I am CG there is nothing I can use, to protect from heat?
  • PrettyPorcupinePrettyPorcupine Registered Users Posts: 258
    If you are CG, you wouldn't be heat-straightening, right?:toothy7:

    Not being snarky, just sayin'. Like the other posters noted, it's the 'cones that protect your hair from the heat. They are also what allow your hair to stay smooth, after you heat-straighten it. So it isn't *really* possible without 'cones. Your best bet is to find one with the water-soluble 'cones that ARE okay if you're doing CG, but keep in mind these won't work as well.

    If you're heat-straightening you're breaking the CG rules anyway so I wouldn't sweat it. Just use the 'cones and protect your hair.
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