Starting over :/

CurlyJoshuaCurlyJoshua Registered Users Posts: 49
Ok so well i just washed my hair throughly and combed in suave natural's tropical cocanut shampoo i was told i should do this to get the other nasty chemicals and cones out of my hair and to remove africa's best super gro deep conditioner and hopfully this works i will no longer be using chemicals on my head as of tonite lol.Please god let this work! :p


  • ScrappyTamScrappyTam Registered Users Posts: 470
    Good for you! I read the ingredients of the stuff you had on your hair before. Heaven forbid that it ever got in your eyes. OUCH!!

    Don't forget, it may take a little bit to get your hair where you want it to be. I've been doing this since 7/8/09. My ends still are rather dry, but the rest of my hair feels really nice.

    Don't forget to add some 'cone free gel to wet hair. I didn't really use it before and it really does help. I'm using the cheap Herbal Essence Twisted gel and it seems to do a pretty decent job holding the curl.
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  • CurlyJoshuaCurlyJoshua Registered Users Posts: 49
    Thanks and now all i can do is sit back and wait :/
  • CalamityMCalamityM Registered Users Posts: 541 Curl Novice
    Good luck!
  • CurlyJoshuaCurlyJoshua Registered Users Posts: 49
    woohoo! so far my hair looks like **** yes! another point for the board lol w.e itll take atleast a week or to to get use to hopfully

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