Home coloring over salon color?

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About a year and a half ago I had a traumatic orange incident with permanent dye, resulting in an emergency fix from a local salon. I spent a good 4 hours there, during which time they put about 7 bowls of dye to cover up the orange. Afterwards my hair felt worse than it EVER has (even after 2 relaxer procedures in a 5 month span). However its grown out about half way now. The thing is, the color is only on the top layer of hair. Once you pull back the top layer, everything underneath is my natural color!!! At this point I feel like saying screw it and just dying my hair. Is it a good/bad idea to use box dye over salon color? Or should I just give up on keeping the bank account above a 20$ balance and get it professionally done?
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    You can use box color. Color by Robert Craig would be an excellent gentle choice. But I would contact Karin (ask karin on the site), tell her everything that was done before, etc and she can advise you.

    Same goes if you use a different brand, call their toll-free number for advice. HTH
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