weight training?

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does anyone here weight train? have some good advice for a newbie?

the job i've been working at is very physically demanding, and i've gotten really strong because of it. i LOVE it! but when the summer ends, i'm going back to school, which will probably involve me sitting down a lot.

so, among other things, i want to start weight training to retain/gain strength. i'm not really sure where to begin. i don't have any machines and i'm not sure if i want to join a gym (my gym anxeity/machine anxiety is a whole other issue (may have to make a separate post about this!)...but also, i'm not sure i could afford it).

are free weights very effective? how much weight do you use and what do you do with them?

any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    I weight train with free weights and I love it. I would never join a gym and I'm biased towards free weights anyway (focusing on form, control and balance makes weight training more interesting for me).

    I started out with a cheapish (non-Olympic) barl and plates, and the plain, cheap hex dumbbells. Overall, I think you can everything without the bar. I only use the bar for squats, deadlifts, back rows and chest presses.

    I think BadgerCurls uses the New Rules of Weightlifting for Women.
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    Free weights are very effective. I am a member of a gym, they do BodyPump, which is a class setting where the free weight routine is set to music. It works every muscle group in your body. I love it, everyone in the class is there because they want to be, and not to show off or pick up people. If I didn't do this class, there would be no weightlifting for me... I like the structure... and it's over in an hour.
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    As a beginner, you may want to consider adding strength training to your resistance training routine. Strength training consists of exercises where you use your body weight for resistance. I remember reading somewhere that there a 5 strength training exercises that are best for your body. I do these 3-4 times per week (3-4 sets or combine movement like jogging or jumping rope for some integrated cardio):

    1. squats (works glutes, quads, hamstring, calves)
    2. pushups (works chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs)
    3. lunges (quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves)
    4. the plank (usually used in yoga - abs, back, arms, legs)
    5. pullups (back -- pretty much all major muscles)

    As you progress, you can add weights to squats and lunges. Or better yet, add movement (jog 20 steps, do 10 squats, jog 20 steps, do 20 lunges, etc.). I started only being able to do 1 pullup (OK, 1/2 pullup). But, you'd be surprised how quickly your body responds to this type of supplemental routine. Train hard and train safe!
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    Castella is right - I was using the book New Rules of Lifting for Women. It was okay, but the routines in it were too difficult for me because I am new to weight training. I kept hurting myself! I still like the book, though, because it has really good pictures and references for how to do different exercises. My boyfriend uses that part of it, too.

    Since you'll be a grad student in the fall, my guess would be that you will have access to a gym and fitness classes at school. At UW-Madison, there's a really small fee per semester (something like $10-15) to take unlimited classes; it's completely free for students to use any of the fitness centers. There are also very steep discounts on personal training for students at the fitness centers. My guess is that UW-M has something similar.
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    wow, thanks for the info ladies! i will have to see if they have that book at the library and check it out once.

    bc, i can't remember if it's free for uwm students to use the athletic center, or very cheap, but it IS one of those. i will have to double check on it, but i totally forgot about that option! have you ever used a personal trainer at school? did you like it? i think that would be good, for me at least, to get started. i learn by doing, and it would be nice to have someone correct me if i'm doing something wrong.
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    I recently read in a magazine that unless you are working out with 60-80% of your max (which is the amount of weight on a specific exercise that you can lift just once) you aren't doing yourself any good. I also would recommend the Body Pump class for anyone who is beginning. It helps you learn the form and gives you a gauge of how much weight you can lift. I don't particularly love weight lifting, and I have to work hard to gain strength, but it's worth it. Trust me you will not look like a man, and when people notice it makes it all worth it. The only thing that irks me is you look like you weigh a lot less than you will. I love the fact that I look thinner, but I'm still trying to reconcile that when I get on the scale.
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    I haven't tried the personal trainers at UW yet, but I may try it out in the fall. I could use some coaching on form and such.
    The only thing that irks me is you look like you weigh a lot less than you will. I love the fact that I look thinner, but I'm still trying to reconcile that when I get on the scale.

    I found this out yesterday at the doctor's office! I am trying to lose weight and have been weight training for several months on and off. I just started doing it more seriously recently. I haven't lost pounds in the past few weeks, but my clothes have been fitting better. Anyway, the nurse at my doctor's office - who weighs a lot of people every day - underestimated my weight by about 20 pounds! She was kind of shocked when she had to keep moving the little indicator on the manual scale. It was kind of gratifying to realize that I don't look like I weigh as much as I do.
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    I love Jari Love Get Ripped DVD series. There are 5 different video out. They are all about 1 hr of weight training. The emphasis is on high reps. I started out with 3lb weights and moved up to 5-8lb weights.

    I have been doing them for 2 yrs along with walking DVDs and have lost 50lb.

    ps - you can get the DVDs on Netflix - I love that!!
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