Layers for Curly Hair (w/ringlets)

Hi! I will be getting my hair cut in August, and right now I have absolutely no layers. It's a little poofy and very heavy. I have a ton of ringlets, and my hair is shoulderlength. My new hairdresser usually cuts lots of layers in people's hair. I love the curls in my hair, and i don't want to change (but it would be nice to have a little bit of layers...) If I get a new cut with a TON of layers, will it mess up my layers?

I have 3C underneath and 3B or 3A on top.


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    I couldn't have hair that length without some layers. I'd get pyrmaid hair. I have long layers in my hair now at past shoulder.

    Everyone is different but I think pretty nearly everyone up to 3B puts layers in their hair to keep down the volume.

    You might want to try posting in General (if you haven't already) for more responses to your question.

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    Hey there
    yes you can have it layered out definitely!
    it will transform the shape and free your curls
    there are great techniques where they twist the section of hair and then chip at it all down the section and that lightens and layers very softly in curls and it makes it look not so perfectly uniform as our hair is not . I love this technique and use it to free long ringlets without losing length.. hopefully your stylist has good tricks like that one to cut curly hair as we don't cut curly hair the same way as straight as it doesn't lay the same way ..
    so go for it!!
    and just tell them to be minimal and watch how the hair responds and go accordingly..
    take care!
    Margo in victoria bc canada

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