No-poo conditoner and cream for 2a +3a/3b

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Hello there,

I've been browsing through this website and the forum over the past several days, and I'm almost ready to try the No-poo method.

Before I do, I'd like to ask you for help finding the right products.

My hair is wavy on the bottom (2a, easy to manage), and curly on the top (that's what causing all the trouble, I think it's 3a, maybe 3b). The curls are medium sized, my hair is more curly the shorter it is.

It seems like the regular hair products that are designed for curly hair don't work for me well. They are all too heavy, and they "drag" my hair down. They cause build-ups. So, I've been using and having best results with either Rusk Brilliance (for color protection, and I don't have color treated hair!), or some of the Phyto products for dry hair. Goldwell Kerasilk works pretty well too.

As I'm trying to find good products with no cones and phosphates, I'm terrified ;-) I found that list (btw, is it accurate and fairly complete?)

I'm terrified that I'll have to spend another several months (and another closet-ful of unused products) to find the right series. That's why I'm asking for help. Do you think you could give any suggestions for hair like I described? I'm looking for a conditioner for cowashing and then some light styling product (I don't use much of those, so a good styling creme+leave-in-conditioner or some light spray should do)

I know it will still take some trying before I find the perfect one but your suggestions might make that happen earlier :)

Also, do you know where to get some sample size products?

Thanks a lot for any advice!


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    baika wrote: »
    I'm terrified that I'll have to spend another several months (and another closet-ful of unused products) to find the right series.
    I can't almost guarantee it. :laughing7: I could tell you exactly what to use because my hair is exactly (hypothetically) as you described and guess what, it won't work.

    My advice is to start out simple. A conditioner for co-washing like V05 or Suave (check the lables because they're not all CG). They are around $1 so no big investment there.

    Then add in a more moisturizing conditioner if you need it. This is where the guessing starts. So many people like [buylink=]Deva One Condition[/buylink] so I bought it and I HATE it. :thumbdown: I'm such a sucker for following the crowd. *I* like TIGI Moisture Maniac a lot.

    Next, if you choose, is a leave in conditioner. It will help distribute your products and moisturize your hair. Some people just use their co-washing conditioner as a leave in too so you can start there.

    *Some people stop right there.*

    Finally, add in a gel. There are a lot of cheaper ones you can try. There's a SUPER long thread about how wonderful La Bella Lotsa Curls is and it's only $3 for a huge container. Of course, another that did nothing for my hair. There's another big long thread about Biotera gel and that one is only around $5 at Sally's.

    So, after you've started there you can add in products such as curl enhansers, curl creams, custards, mousse, etc. etc. There's SO much available it makes my head spin.

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