What exactly is co-washing?

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I'm new to NC, and I've read a bunch of posts about co-washing, and I was wondering how exactly you go about washing your hair with conditioner? It sounds really interesting, and I want to try it. Thanks! :toothy7:


  • BecciBecci Posts: 401Registered Users
    Use conditioner like you would use shampoo is the easiest way to explain it.

    Work your way around and through your scalp using the tips of your fingers but not your nails.

    If you plan on going CG make sure you dont use any products with silicones and sulphates in them.

    These links may help you:

    From U.K & started CG 13th July 08 :thumbleft:

    Using VO5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie for co-washing and conditioning.

    Using Boots curl creme

    Considering going Mod-CG and using H&S once a week to prevent build up, flakes and other nastys.:confused3:

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