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Hi to all you curlie chix out there. :wave:

I am a proud midback length 3c who has for the last 2 months being suffering from straw like hair and I am also very concerned as I have been loosing too much hair whilst washing/detangling (so much that one day I thought I had had a shower with a black cat!:sad1:).

As you all can see I am new to this fabulous site and I am trying to read everything. I keep reading topics about Protein and it is something I have never heard about related to hair :confused5:. I now think why my hair is in such a bad state as I have been overindulging in a mousse water based product to style my hair. I live in Gibraltar, Europe and all the hair products which are mentioned in the site we do not get them here - unless they are supermarket brands like John Freida, VO5, Pantene and others although I get my products from my hairdressers, Montibello to be more exact. But nowadays not even my Montibello can sort my tresses out :cry:. I have been raiding my bathroom cabinet and applying masks and any other stuff which I find (honestly, I can put up my own business and sell all the things I have jeje).

I am really worried and I want my beautiful locks back! HELP!!! What exactly is Protein in hair products and what am I to look out for when I read the ingredients at the back of the bottle.

Catch you all later :thumright:



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    hopefully you'll get to the bottom of what the problem is!
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    Protein is a temporal reconstructor.IT penetrates damaged areas of the hair shaft. This reparative action is achieved with each treatment. It also replaces your hair's lost emollients to add moisture to dry hair and scalp.

    You can try:
    John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Strengthening Triple Creme Masque


    >>better than the other one.

    Frederik fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Treatment Mask it can be found at sephora if you have one in your area.

    It should be followed by a moisturizing deep conditioner cause most of protein masks tend to dry out the hair.

    In other products protein is named as keratin,wheat/milk/silk protein e.t.c
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