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So, I'm growing out a pixie cut. Actually, I'm growing out from chemo-induced baldness, with a few haircuts along the way. Anyways, it's somewhere between pixie and bob, and the little piecies on the side are curling outward and pissing me off, so I decided I couldn't wait until my haircut in 2 weeks and went in for a walk-in cut at another salon. The woman was totally sweet and wonderful and tried to dissuade me from cutting it (after all it'll just grow back in a month to the same stage) but I was adamant and she snipped off the offending curls and some pieces in the back. Then I was like wtf did I just do? This is the worst decision ever. If I had waited another month I would have gotten past the awkward stage and everything would have been fine. But no, I had to be impatient and get it cut and now it'll be months before it's normal. My only "why me?" cancer moments have to do with hair. This awful short hair is the only remaining physical manifestation of disease, like a giant curly scar sitting on my head and waving at people. I'm just really sad and I know it's about more than just the hair, but right now all I can think about is how much longer this growing out process will take. Anyways, that's my vent. thanks for listening.


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    Rachel, isn't it strange how sometimes we just zero in on our hair, like it's our only feature? I do that too. If I ever listed all the hair mistakes I made in my life....well, what can I say? I am impatient myself and do things on the spur of the moment. Your hair will grow before you know it! Really. Don't be sad, okay? Maybe in a few days it will look better as well.:)
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    First, I'm sorry you've had to go through everything you have & I know it's still an ongoing process. I admire the strength and determination it takes to beat such a disease, and wish you a smooth, uneventful recovery. Now, the hair! The inbetween or awkward stages are so much more difficult to deal with when they happen in the shorter spectrum. You may have just delayed your progression to the next non-awkward step, but you felt like you had to do it to get some control of the situation-and now you have an experience to reference the next time you feel that way! I bet your shorter curls look wonderful on you, even if it's not what you want at this time. And while you're growing it back out, maybe you can find some cute accessories to help you change it up a little. I know this doesn't really help, but I just wanted you to know that you have plenty of support over here :).
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    thanks so much for your replies. this is probably the only place where a person can vent so much about hair, of all things, and be totally and completely understood. Curly Girl Fla, you're right that this is an experience I can reference in the future. at least i'll be more patient now. now all i have to do is restrain myself from mentioning hair woes in my college application essays :wink: and postpone senior portraits until my hair looks decent.

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