Tips for cutting one's own hair

sunshine-curlssunshine-curls Registered Users Posts: 35
I'd like to cut my own hair. I hate the way a regular salon does it, and the curl friendly salons in my area are out of my price range. Does anyone do this, and if so, do you have any tips? I was thinking I'd cut on an individual curl basis, and cut at an angle. Anything else? :toothy7:


  • gymnast0060gymnast0060 Registered Users Posts: 40
    im not sure if this is exactly what your asking for but ill try. i used to straighten my hair all the time because my dad hated my curls. so what ive started doing is just twisting random peices of hair and cutting off the split ends from there.
    -belly-button length 2b/2c hair
    -waves and a few loose ringlets
    -medium thickness
  • reddilocksreddilocks Registered Users Posts: 4
    It seems like there's a certain technique to cutting curly hair to make it frizz free, layered, not tent-like, etc. Maybe you could go to a professional salon and ask some one there?

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