NY2C - a cheap haircut possible? (cross posted with 2 board)

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Wondering if any NYC (or North Jersey) 2c wavy ladies have any stylist suggestions? I'm looking for a reasonably priced trim or deep conditioning treatment. When I had long hair I went to Madora Long Hair Heaven for treatments and trims, they were quite good but they were so expensive... and as you know I now have shoulder length, layered hair. They were also a bit more straight hair oriented, which was fine when my hair was long and stretched out but not so much now that it's shorter and wavier/curlier.

I know Devachan is big on here, and I can't wait to get there when I have the money, but do you all have some more cost-effective suggestions? Many of you seem unhappy with Ouidad, and it is another expensive option... what about those of us who can't afford more than $30 or $40 a session? Are we doomed to bad stylists?
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    Responded on the 2 board. :)
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