Daily tangles and snarls - please help!!!

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I have a terrible problem with my hair - after a certain length - when dry, above shoulders, when wet an inch below shoulders - my hair starts to get into mini dreds - small knots of hair that are impossible to untangle, and I have to cut them out of my hair. If I cut my hair, the problem is solved for a few months - but during that time my hair is pouffy and frizzier since it's short.

I'm 25 and since I can remember myself I want long hair - and have never managed. It seems to me that my hair does grow, but it breaks after a certain length. And the the knots get me down and I cut it.

So, how do I get long hair, without the daily struggle of taking out the knots and tangles? I'm talking about some serious knots and dreds in my hair. Chunks and wads of hair come out every time I detangle it....

To give you the whole picture, I have naturally blond very curly frizzy hair. I have been using only conditioner for the past few months, and always use some leave in conditioner and gel. I have to wet it every morning to make it managaeble. After I wash it it's soft and nice, but by the end of the day it's frizzy and coarse to the touch.

If anyone can solve these problems for me - I would be extremely grateful!


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    what products are you using/what is your routine?

    do you wear your hair down every day? maybe if you wore it up sometimes, that would prevent the tangles.
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    I agree...and if you like wearing it out, throw in some braidouts to stretch it out more and help keep the ends from curling back up so fast. Also, using oil or any butter product that you like on your ends daily should help.

    Good luck!
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    Poo: CON Sulfate Free poo
    Rinse out: Tresemme Naturals
    Leave-in: CJAOO Daily Cond
    Styler: KCCC sparingly and Ampro Olive Oil Gel where needed
    DT: KBB Lucious Locks Mask + EVOO/Avocado
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    i actually say use less product. my sister has very fine thin hair, i use just some pure aloe vera and co-wash it. it ends up beautiful.