How do you create a curly do with volume?

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I recently just got in touch with my curls so am still learning how to manage it. I have been using a conditioner in the shower to comb my hair, then afterwards been using kinky-curly's leave in conditioner followed by its custard which leaves my curls defined but rather hard and without volume, when my hair dries I fluff it up from the roots using Paul Mitchel's serum which adds volume but unfortunatly a bit of frizz. I asked my hairstylist for some advice and she recommended trying the custard then the leave-in conditioner which I did today and it created better curls but as usual not enough volume. So far I've learned not at all put a towel to my head when I come out of the shower and not tassle my hair when putting the custard or leave-in conditioner as doing that creates frizz but I still can't figure out how to create volume without ruffling my hair once its dried. Can someone please give me some advice on how I can do that? I was just watching a video online on how to manage curly hair and the presenter said she avoids gels so what else is there except serums and gels that you use to define curls? Btw I haven't ever yet used a defuser, could that help?
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