Lord of the Flies

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I read this book before summer started. It is one of my favorite books an dI may read it again. There seems to be a lot of political and societal references put into symbols. Unfortunately, I read this one on my own instead of in a class like most people. What did you think of this book, and what kinds of references did you find?

I remember the slaying of the pig the most


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    I had to read this book for school. I hated it. I didn't really pay much attention to it either. :roll:
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    I also read this in school. I can appreciate the social commentary and symbolism, but it was terribly boring at the same time. :p
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    i think that i read this one in junior high. it has been too long ago whenever it was.
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    I also had to read it. I was ready to burn that book I hated it so much. :lol:
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    I had to read it at school too. It was OK apart from the fact we kept going over it and over it.

    Piggy's death is the most memorable. Also Ralph always commenting on Piggy's asthma.
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    i actually really like this book! i read it on my own a few years ago. i thought it was a good story based on the premise of the inherent evil in the hearts of humans when there isn't any one there to police you. i thought it was more poignant because they were little kids, who you would think were more idealistic and would be more peaceful. things started out ok, but then the same old human weaknesses (greed, power, jealousy, etc.) revealed themselves.


    i actually cried at the ending :oops: because all those punky little kids thought they were so tough, they thought they were "big men" because they killed the pig, other kids...and they were about to kill the main character right when they got saved. and when they saw the adults, they reverted back to kids and cried. i was disturbed and i felt it in my heart because i feel like that's how a lot of the people in power (who ARE adults) act so carelessly with others' (the weak, poor, those that are different) lives, feelings, property without a second thought...but once they are brought under investigation, into the public eye of judgment, or more importantly, before the Lord on judgment day, they crumble under the weight of their own embarrasment...and not because of any kind of remorse. that ending still bothers me...but in the "that was a good book, it really made you think" kind of way.
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    I read Lord of the Flies earlier this year on my own. Never read it in school. Because of the show "LOST" my interest got piqued.

    This was a hard book to get into. It took me several tries, but I was determined. I found it sad and brutal, but not a waste of time. I found the author's (Golding) descriptions of the landscape left me clueless, so I would just glaze thru those parts. Right after reading the book, I saw the original movie.

    It's a commentary on social inequities. If you are looking for another book like this, try Animal Farm. Read this on my own too last year. It was good!
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  • LadyCurlyLocksLadyCurlyLocks Registered Users Posts: 341

    One word: pig. Ugh. I wasn't minding the book up until that point, but that whole passage in the book traumatized me. I didn't like it at all after that. I read it in 11th grade, though, and that was some years ago. I was very impresisonable at that time, too. Maybe I should pick it up and read it again, just to see if I feel any differently about it.
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    yea, that scene was pretty intense, especially after i realized it was the symbolic (not the right word, but i can't think of it right now) equivalent of a rape scene. not cool
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