Pravana Relaxer work?

vanity375vanity375 Registered Users Posts: 3
Did the pravana relaxer work, does it get your hair straight? How long does it last? Is like the japanese straightening?


  • SuchaGirlieGirlSuchaGirlieGirl Registered Users Posts: 1
    I had the Pravana relaxer done. I was told it was a keratin treatment, not a relaxer. Well, it relaxed my hair! I was going to get the American Culture Simply Straight keratin done, but decided to go with the pravana instead b/c it was cheaper. If your not looking to relax your hair, do not put the pravana in your hair. It made my hair straight, very straight. It still took me an hour to blow it out. I have to say I did it in late september when it was still warm and humid and I had no frizz what so ever or curl for that matter. But I had to blow dry it I couldnt let it air dry it looked horrible! I still have some of it left in my hair, some of it kind of washed out and some of it is growing out its weird. Also, it smells really bad. It made my hair smell, I still cant get rid of the smell! It made my hair look fried and very dry, so if you highlight or make your hair blonde I definitly wouldnt put this product in your hair. It lasts for a while, I did it in september and I started to notice I was getting curl back in late December. I still dont have all my curl back.
    So as a relaxer yes it does work but dont let anyone tell you its a keratin treatment because its not.
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    I have it and love it. I want to get it done again, but the salon was hesitant to re-do it. My hair is very blonde, they are wanting me to do a egg based straightener instead. Has anyone ever heard of this type of product?
  • PrettyPorcupinePrettyPorcupine Registered Users Posts: 258
    Sounds like they are talking about Phytospecific, which markets itself as being "egg and soya based." As I've explained on another thread, that's a pure load of horse malarkey -- it might have egg and soya in it, but that isn't what causes the straightening. It's a plain old no-lye, very strong, chemical relaxer.

    Mind you, a very GOOD one -- Phyto does give excellent results. The at-home kit costs $60 compared to $10 or $12 for most other relaxers, and many users think it's worth every penny. But it is no more "natural" than any other chemical relaxer and as "egg-based" as my Aunt Fanny.:evil2:
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