Would I look good with Henna?

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I am just starting CG and taking better care of my curls. I have previously had color in my hair, usually semi-permanent box color, and also highlights from the salon. I last put color in my hair in June of 2007 (blonde highlights), and they are growing out.

I keep flucuating whether I want my hair to be lighter (more blonde in it) or a richer or redder brown (I was blonde as a small child, but the rest of my family are dark browns). I have fair skin with definite pink tones (I always use the green concealer stuff to minimize redness). I'm pretty sure my natural hair color is an light/med. ash brown, and I have blue/blue-grey eyes.

I was looking at the henna stuff because I would like to do something more healthy for my hair than harsh colorants, but wasn't sure if it would look good. I picked out a couple pictures from the hennaforhair website of colors I like:

Elektra- http://www.hennaforhair.com/mixes/elektra/
Evie- http://www.hennaforhair.com/mixes/evie/
Kitty- http://www.hennaforhair.com/mixes/kitty/

I don't know if I did it, if mine would look like any of theirs, or which one would look the best for me.

P.S. The pics in my flickr may be a tiny itty bit darker than it really is because of the oil I put in it I don't think has all come out yet.

Would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

I'm not planning on doing it next week or anything. I want to get my hair in better shape first, but want to have an idea of what I want to do.

Thanks so much! :) :)
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    I have not yet looked up the mixes that you indicated, but I did look at you in your Flckr.

    In my opinion: [biased] Yes it would look awesome! [/biased]

    I think your natural color is a lot like mine, as well as skin color and eye color. I could remember better if I had seen my natural hair color in 14 years.

    I'll take a look at the mixes you like and see if I can tell anything about those.

    Just remember, it's very, very, permanent, and very often can't even be bleached out. It can also be pretty individual and hard to have tight control over the exact color. It is also a big mud-mess.

    On the other hand, it is very strengthening and shining of the hair.
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    I think henna would look great on you. True henna always makes orange-red, but you can tweak the color a bit with indigo if you want more auburn, or with cassia if you want more strawberry. You can make a true brown with a lot of indigo. With each application, the color deepens, so it might take a few applications before you're totally happy, depending on how strawberry/auburn/brown you want to go. Once you get to a color you like, then you stop applying to the length and just touch up the roots (I do mine weekly or bi-weekly...doesn't take long) and only do the length once or twice a year.

    As Riot said, henna is VERY VERY permanent. It's a committment. You can't go back to blonde after henna without growing it out. Always start small with henna and build...e.g. you can always add more indigo next time, but you can't remove it if it's too dark.

    There are some tricks to minimize the mud mess. I use old haircolor bottles to apply my henna mix and it's no more messy than any other haircolor.

    Everyone has their own "mix", so while it's nice to look at the mix pages on that website, don't expect the exact same results. Pick a simple mix and make it your own over time. Henna is a learn-as-you-go kinda thing.

    Watch out, it's addictive.
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    I think it would look great Id love to get a red like the first mix but my hair is quite dark naturally so it is difficult to get such a bright red. I think the last one in particular is gorgeous and work look amazing on you!
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    I'm biased, too, but think it would look amazing. You can take a look in my fokti, I think our hair color was similar before I hennaed it.

    Yeah, it's very permanent, but that's also the plus side to it. I don't have to worry about the red fading like a chemical dye. I couldn't ever get the red to stay when I dyed it with chemicals.

    I love my red hair and have been getting lots of comments from random strangers for the past week or so. It's fun, it's sassy and it's too much fun to be red haired.

    I say if it's something you want, go for it, but be prepared to apply a couple times before you reach your desired color. I was orange for a while, but it still looked okay because it just made me look like a natural, Irish redhead. I still do, it's just darker now. Especially since I got quite a bit of my bleached ends cut off today. Joy, joy!

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    OK I looked at those mixes.

    Aurore: I think it is very realistic for you to easily reach something close to this.

    Elektra: It's very dark. I think that would take some indigo on you.

    Evie: She used a very weak gloss. I can barely tell it's hennaed. If this is what you are after, I think it could be very realistic for you to expect a result similar to that too, as long as you use such a weak gloss.

    Kitty: You can get to about that darkness level in a couple of hennas, but hers looks a little more brown in that scan than I would expect. Yours may be brighter red than that.
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    Thank you so much, guys! I've spent a lot of time over at the hennaforhair forum and trying to find more pictures, and you all have been so helpful!

    Sunshine - your color is really nice on you! :)

    I'm starting to get really excited about doing it. I haven't ordered yet or anything, though. Thanks again!
    ~~~3a and going CG! Mid-back length thick, frizzy, growing out highlights, major dryness and in need of some TLC!~~~:flower:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    "I will prase you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well" -Psalm 139:14

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