body wave?

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i've had lots of problems with my curly hair, and always wanted to relax it. i've tried some at-home stuff, like the one 'n only curl remover & dr. miracles relaxer, but i never got the results i wanted. i went in for a consultation for the chi relaxer and the lady said it would be around $400 and nearly straight... my parents are very reluctant, and i'm not thrilled with the idea of spending that much money anyway... but then i went to another salon and was recommended a "body wave" which is supposed to make my curls bigger and reduce some of the body, and should only cost about $90. has anybody ever tried this? the place i'm thinking of doing it at is the aveda salon. anything to say?


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    Hi i havent had a body wave, but a relaxer.a relaxer doesnt completly straighten the hair just "relax it" i too was having problems with my curls. anyway, i will never do it again. it relaxed my curls,but left me with total frizz.i have been trying to grow it out and cut the relaxed ends off for 6 hair isnt curly it isnt straight, just fuzzy.i have to wear it in a bun or flatiron every day.
    so i guess my point is this. make sure, very sure this is what you want.i dont know if body waves are anything like relaxers, but if i were you, i would either go totally straight or learn how to work with your curls. i wish i would have learned to work with my curls, because this transitioning is very frustrating. mabie someone else can help more than me .im sure someone here has had a body wave. good luck. sam
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    awe i'm sorry about your hair... did you get it done at a salon or did you do it at home?
    i try working with my curls, but they get so frizzy, especially where i live now, that most of the time i just throw it up in a bun. and i wish i could just wear it down and not worry about it.
    i've done a lot of thinking about the body wave... and i've pretty much decided to do it. i should be able to get an appointment next week, or maybe this week, and i'll be sure to let you know how it turns out... thanks for the advice, and if you're right and it turns out sucky, then i'll forever listen to everything you say... haha :)
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    hi! im sure a body wave is different than a relaxer. i dont think you will have the problems im having. i have a hair cut wednesday for another inch(will end up being chin length)to cut off. that makes about 7 inches since december. ill have mabie only 1 to 2 inched left of relaxer, then back to my frizzy curly self:) good luck and tell us how it went. sam

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